Image Consulting

What is Image Management?
Image Management is the ongoing, pro-active process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you & on others.

Image Management is about creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and afordable Image,to meet all the goals in professional ,personal & Social life.

We conduct personal branding,1-1 sessions and personal grooming, for individuals and corporates.

Zeliant offers personal consultation services in Image Management covering the entire framework of Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital Footprint.

A certified Image Consultant first does a need analysis and then based on the specific requirements of the client offers several services to help the client project an Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable Image.

We also conduct workshops on Image Management & Personal Branding for Individuals, Corporates & Students. Personal Branding is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through appearance.

While there are scores of people who have talent but do not get the opportunity, the world is also full of people who get many opportunities but cannot perform when needed the most.



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